Dreamland Family Child Care Policy Package

Dreamland Family Child Care is located at 1237 Adderley Street, North Vancouver, and is licensed for a maximum of 7 children, and I have a valid license to operate this family childcare facility. Dreamland Family Child Care is registered with CCFL.

Registration starts in March for the following September. Those registered in this school year’s program will be allowed to register in advance for the following year’s program. A letter will be sent out in February regarding re-registration. Please note our “Withdrawal of Services Policy” concerning late or non-payment of accounts and our refund policy for this program.

Dreamland Family Childcare is proud to be a part of the Government Fee reduction initiatives. As the fees change annually we recommend emailing us to get a full list of fees for our programs.

Development Philosophy

My philosophy is to recognize each child’s unique strengths and help them develop in other areas. I believe in making this process fun and playful for the children to enjoy their development and growth. I encourage parents and families to be involved, and I have an open-door policy. My goal in providing quality childcare for your child is a safe, comfortable, and loving environment. I want you to feel like you are a part of your child’s life here.

My mission is to provide children with quality care in an exceptional and homelike environment where they’ll have the opportunity and the tools to develop their potential, social skills, and academic knowledge. Empower children with the tools they need to succeed in school and life for years.

Child care is meant to be a positive experience in which your child grows and develops a love of learning. Throughout the year, the program will use flexible topics to provide your child with new information and opportunities for exploration.

Meet Alnaz

Child Care Specialist
Meet Alnaz Farhadi, the passionate owner and nurturing heart behind Dreamland Family Childcare. With a couple of years of experience in early childhood education, Alnaz is dedicated to creating a warm and enriching environment where young minds blossom. A firm believer in the power of play-based learning, she is committed to providing a safe haven where children can explore, learn, and grow. Alnaz’s vision is to foster curiosity, creativity, and confidence in every child that walks through the doors of Dreamland Family Childcare. When she isn’t busy crafting educational adventures, Alnaz enjoys spending time with her niece, engaging in outdoor activities, and taking care of her puppy, reflecting on her lifelong passion for discovery and personal growth.

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